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Nutrition is essential for healthy and young-looking skin, since your cells require nourishment from the inside out. The skin needs good fats such as EPA (omega-3), GLA (omega-6 from virgin evening primrose oil) and oleic acid found olive oil (omega-9), as well as wholefood nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables. Good fats support the health of your skin in several ways:

  • Supporting skin structure: EPA and GLA provide essential nourishment for maintaining the correct structure of every cell membrane in the body. Crucial for strengthening skin cell membranes, these fatty acids ensure that the membranes are permeable to enable nutrients to flow in and out effectively
  • Enhancing collagen production: studies suggest that EPA may benefit the skin by protecting against UV-induced skin damage – the skin’s biggest enemy. EPA also promotes the production of collagen and elastic fibres in the dermis to actively combat skin wrinkling and sagging. 
  • Protecting against free radical damage: certain phytonutrients found in cold-pressed virgin evening primrose oil called triterpenes  help protect against the oxidative cell damage which results from the harm caused by free radicals, crucial for countering the effects of ageing.
  • Improving oxygen flow: EPA is converted into prostaglandins which inhibit platelet aggregation, or blood clotting. The result is a blood-thinning effect, which boosts circulation and transports more oxygen to the skin, where it nourishes and detoxifies, to rejuvenate the surface layer.
  • Countering inflammation: whilst inflammation is a fundamental part of the body’s healing process at the cellular level, over-stimulation can wreak havoc on our skin. Not only is chronic inflammation ageing, but it is also a prime symptom of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Inflammation in the skin is very visible; it can cause redness, puffiness, uneven and blotchy skin tone, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and even enlarged pores. Both EPA and DGLA (from GLA) produce prostaglandins which actively combat the inflammatory process and help to reverse the damage caused by chronic inflammation.
  • Pharmepa MAINTAIN | 1000 mg EPA & DHA wild omega-3 fish oil (rTG omega-3) & vitamin D3

  • Price: £17.99

  • Pharmepa RESTORE | 1000 mg pure EPA omega-3 fish oil (rTG EPA 90%)

  • Price: £29.99

  • Pure Essentials AstaPure Astaxanthin Complex | 4 mg astaxanthin from 42 mg Astapure | 90 capsules

  • Price: £25.00

  • Echiomega Echium Seed Oil 1000 mg | Vegetarian omega-3-6-9

  • Price: £13.99