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Children's health

Children's health

Children’s cognitive development and mental performance are influenced by many factors, including nutrition.  Deficiencies in the key omega-3 fatty acid EPA have been shown to have detrimental effects on behaviour, mood, attention & concentration in children.

Vegepa® E-EPA 70 is a patented supplement with high levels of EPA and GLA, formulated to maintain healthy omega-3 levels required for optimal brain function.  Vegepa was used in a double-blind placebo-controlled pilot trial in 97 children with ADHD, all of whom were resistant to treatment with methylphenidate. 81.2% showed statistically significant improvements in restlessness, 87.5% in aggressiveness and 70.8% in anger control.  An impressive 83.3% showed statistically significant improvements in cooperation with both parents and teachers, with 77.1% of children showing improved educational functioning and academic performance.

Vegepa® Orange Chewables provide the same proven formula at a lower dosage, suitable for younger children or those who have difficulty swallowing.

Neurobalance is highly synergistic with Vegepa and provides key cofactors known to influence brain power. Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 work together to regulate the production of chemicals involved in key aspects of cognitive function – maintaining concentration and attention and improving memory – all of which are important factors which influence a child’s overall mental performance.

  • Vegepa Orange Chewables | Omega-3 & Omega-6 fish oil for children

  • Price: £10.99

  • Vegepa | High strength EPA fish oil with GLA omega-3 & omega-6

  • Price: £13.99

  • Neurobalance™ | ZMA tablets - Zinc methionine, magnesium & vitamin B6

  • Price: £13.00