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Mood support

Mood support

Igennus mood support supplements deliver synergistic health benefits by regulating the production of key chemicals such as serotonin, which influence mood and emotional wellbeing.  In addition to improving oxygen flow to the brain, leading to a sense of calmness and improved focus, our highly anti-inflammatory products also play a protective role in safeguarding the brain from damage caused by common by-products of everyday living, known as  ‘free radicals’. Elevated homocysteine levels and a high AA to EPA ratio are key risk factors for depression through increased inflammation and neurotransmitter imbalance. 

For more severe mood issues or depression:

Pharmepa Restore & Maintain™ supplements provide intensive support for individuals with more severe symptoms. Pharmepa RESTORE pre-loads the body with a high dose of EPA omega-3 (1000 mg), while Pharmepa MAINTAIN introduces DHA and anti-inflammatory GLA for long-term balance and support for the omega-3 index (the percentage of EPA and DHA out of total fat in red blood cells). Pharmepa supplements offer targeted treatment support for people with specific conditionsEPA, DHA and GLA help to regulate tryptophan and serotonin, which influence emotional wellbeing; these important fats also help to maintain brain cell membrane fluidity and support cognition and neurotransmission.

For low mood

MindCare® LIFT is a good all-round solution for general mood support. This specialised formulation brings together pure, ultra concentrated omega-3 EPA & DHA, magnesium glycinate, 5-HTP, vitamin D3 & essential micronutrients.  Taken consistently, these key nutrients support the brain & central nervous system, promote neurotransmitter production & function and support mood balance.

  • Longvida Optimised Curcumin 500 mg | 30 capsules

  • Price: £25.00

  • MindCare LIFT - stay happy | omega-3 wild fish oil, magnesium glycinate, 5-HTP and multivitamins

  • Price: £16.14

  • RRP: £19.00
    save 15%
  • Pharmepa MAINTAIN | 1000 mg EPA & DHA wild omega-3 fish oil (rTG omega-3) & vitamin D3

  • Price: £17.99

  • Super B-Complex | High strength Vitamin B complex with folate

  • Price: £11.99

  • Pharmepa RESTORE | 1000 mg pure EPA omega-3 fish oil (rTG EPA 90%)

  • Price: £29.99

  • Opti-O-3 blood spot fatty acid biomarker test

  • Price: £120.00